All our Linux hosting accounts come with online mailboxes (Webmail) that you can access through your web browser.

To log into Webmail:

webmail login
  • Visit (be sure to change this to your domain name)
  • Enter the email address and password into the login form
  • You are now logged into webmail

On the dashboard you will see options for three email clients that you can use to check your email: Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail.

webmail dashboard

Each has a different look and feel, so you might want to try them all out to see which one you like best. We find most people like Roundcube for the way it looks.

You can also manage the following by clicking on your email address in the top bar on the dashboard:

webmail management options

From the menu you can select:

  • Change your password
  • Configure your email client
  • Email filters
  • Forwarders
  • Autoresponders
  • Contact information
  • Track delivery of messages


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Last Updated August 22, 2017