1. Start Outlook 2007 by double-clicking its desktop icon or by selecting it from the Start Menu. What happens next depends on whether you have opened Outlook previously.

Click the Tools menu at the top of the Outlook Window, then click Account Settings. In this new window, select the New… on the E-mail Tab‚ Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP should already be selected.

Click Next.

2. On the Auto Account Setup screen, check the box beside Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.

Auto Account Setup

3. Under Choose E-mail Service select Internet E-Mail and click Next.

Choose Email Service

4. The Internet E-mail Settings screen appears. Under User Information, enter your personal name as you would like it to appear on email coming from you. Enter your email address. Under Server Information select Account type, either POP3 or IMAP depending on which type of mailbox you use. Most people use POP3 Enter mail.mydomain.com for Incoming mail server, and mail.mydomain.com for Outgoing mail server. Under Logon Information, enter your email address for User Name and the password for that account. Confirm that Remember password is checked. Click the button More Settings.

Email Settings

5. Select the Outgoing server tab and check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and click OK.

Outgoing Server

6. Click Next, and then click Finish on the Congratulations! screen.

Editing Email Settings

1. Click the Tools menu at the top of the Outlook Window, then click Accounts Settings.

2. On the E-mail Accounts screen under E-mail tab select the account you wish to edit and click Change…

Email Accounts

3. Make the desired corrections on the settings screen, click Next, then click Finish.

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Last Updated August 22, 2017