Step 1)
After first installing Windows Live Mail it will automatically ask if you would like to import email accounts from other Microsoft email programs, such as Outlook Express, Outlook 2003/2007 etc.

Otherwise, you can click on “Add email account” on the left sidebar of Live Mail as below:

Step 1

Step 2)
Enter your account information for the email address and password which you have created from your webmail. Enter password and your desired display name:

Step 2

Step 3)
Now setup your Incoming mail server and type eg. POP3. Select logon using “Clear text authentication”, and then enter your username or login ID, which is your FULL email address eg. “” – not just “name”.

Outgoing SMTP mail server information will be dependant on your Internet Service Provider or “ISP”. To prevent spam, most ISP’s block outgoing mail servers which are not their own on the default port 25. You will need to consult with your ISP to locate their Outgoing SMTP mail server settings, which may or may not require authentication.

Step 3

Step 4)
You Windows Live email account setup is complete. To view and adjust settings in the future, simply right-click the mail account on the sidebar, and select properties.

Step 4

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Last Updated August 22, 2017