This tutorial will show you how to clear your brower’s cache. Your webbrowser has a way of storing website information so the website will load more quickly each time you visit, but sometimes the browser may display a website incorrectly due to a website update so you will need to clear the cache. Each browser may have a different way of clearing the cache, so below is a list of each browser and its way of clearing the cache.

Internet Explorer 7

  1. Open IE7 and click the tools menu on top. Click delete browsing history button at the top.
  2. Under Temporary Internet Files, click delete files.
  3. Click Yes when the pop-up displays asking you if you are sure.

Internet Explorer 8

  1. Press CTRL+Shift+Delete when the browser is open, or click the tools menu at the top and click on delete browsing history.
  2. Select Temporary Internet Files, and click the delete at the bottom of the window to delete the files(cache).

Internet Explorer 9

  1. Press CTRL+Shift+Delete when the browser is open, or click the gear at the top right to open the settings menu. Select Safety and delete browsing history.
  2. Select temporary internet files, uncheck all of the other boxes, and then click the delete button at the bottom.

Internet Explorer 10

  1. Click on the Cog icon in the top right of the browser
  2. Select Safety > Delete Browsing History
  3. The Delete Browsing History dialog will open
  4. Check the boxes “Temporary Internet Files and Website Files” and “Cookies and Website Data”
  5. Click the delete button


  1. Click the menu button
  2. Select Options > Advanced
  3. Select the Network tab
  4. Look for the “Clear Now” button in the Cached Web Content section, click it
  5. After you close the page the changed will be saved


  1. Press CTRL+Shift+Delete when the browser is open, or select the wrench icon at the upper right corner, then tools, and clear browsing data.
  2. Select the empty the cache check-box, uncheck everything else.
  3. Select the beginning of time in the drop down menu, then click the clear browsing data.


  1. If you have a Mac, click the Safari menu and then select empty Cache. If you have Safari on Windows, click the edit menu on top then click empty cache.